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i wouldnt move your plate at all with that trans, not really a good power holder lol, if your good with motor skills and are comfortable with motors and what not, save a couple hundred and buy a vb kit, (i got a dtt, great product, great price, and a good name) and you can get a good converter (and not a tci or b&m) for under $700 that will transfer that power. im in your same boat right now, wanting to make a lot of power, but scared of the trans till the dtt stuff is installed, and im also setting mine up for a plow (9'2" with wings) and thats why i went with a dtt kit, its custom to YOUR application. after the vb and converter cut a nice fuel plate and throw in a set of 3k springs and you wont stop grinning. you could scour the classifieds and find a chea vb and converter for sale too, i think there was a dtt for $350. id check here, and compd, theres good deals floatin around there too. if you move your stock plate you could slip your converter which will send a bunch of crap through your trans, or even your forward clutches. do it safe and it will cost a lot less in the long run.


oh, and the egt thing, your pistons will start to melt/expand at over 1250* like said, but, it is possible to run em real high for a short burst, ive had mine over 2000* climbing a sand hill and no problems. but do at your own risk. these people are just full of wisdom here, listen to em and build your truck right.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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