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EGR unplug with MP8...What kinda tq does the MP8 put down?

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Should I unplug EGR with MP8? Also what kinda tq does the MP8 put down?

Putting the MP8 on in the morning and doing 1000miles on it thursday. Will it help to unplug the EGR with the MP8? Is it bad?

What kind of torque does the MP8 put out? Any estimates on power with just the MP8 at full and an S&B?

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Unplugging the EGR is one the best mods you can do. You will get a check engine light, but it doesn't harm anything. Some people report a fuel mileage increase by doing this as well.

I remember seeing some dyno's with just the MP-8 on 100% and the horsepower was between 350-375 and torque was in the mid 700's.


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i have had my egr unpluged and a mp-8 since the second week i have had my truck and have put 9000 miles on it and have not had any problems at all. It really woke the truck up but now im about to put my xrt 5in tbe and cai and egr deletes and a airdog 150 and i know it is going to be scary/awesome fast lol
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