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Egr helping DP

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Is the egr opening decreasing drive pressure? What if it opened into the exhaust/atmosphere? Does it open more the more throttle you give it? School me with info please.

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There was someone on here or another forum that tried the same thing without success.
I think you'll throw some codes and go into limp mode if you keep the components functionable but the ecm doesn't see what it expects to see.
As far as the egr system functionality you'll need to find someone with ecm programming knowledge to determine when it opens and why.
Yep, its all interconnected.
Im pretty good at process control (not engine but refining) so lets think about the processes involved and what the ecm expects to see.
Egr valve opens-
Decrease in exhaust back pressure
Increase in intake temperature
Increase in intake pressure
TCV closes off to decrease intake pressure and increase "calculated" egr gas flow
EGR cooler servo opens(?) To increase cooling of egr gasses and decrease intake temperature
Turbo vanes adjust for changed boost indication on map sensor
Calculated combustion efficiency changes and adjustments are made to the above to achieve the mapped parameters
And a whole crap load more I don't want to type on my tablet cause it takes way too long.
There's probably a bunch more it sees, calculates or expects to see that I can't even guess at. If it doesn't see it then that's where the cel and limp mode come into play.
There's a post in the powertrain section regarding egr testing with little or no actual flow to the intake and the affect it has on the engine. I'd read it before I put a lot of time into this project.
Good luck with it though. If no one ever tinkered with the systems then we wouldn't have deletes, tuners or sims.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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