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Egr Delete

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Does or can someone explain what the purpose of the EGR Delete. I know its Exhaust Gas Recirculation, on a gas engine I know it helps with pollution and is suppose help the engine run/idle more efficient. I just can’t seem to find much information on how deleting it on a diesel helps. Sorry for the ignorant question, I am still on the JV Diesel Team. I don’t have a DPF DELETE yet. Still having my truck in the shop for the G30 Recall I am hesitant to mess with the emissions.

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Would you rather have your engine breath unburt fuel/dirty air, or clean air?

You need to do the DPF delete first, or you probably wont get it to clean out during the regens since the EGR delete will drop your EGTs (exhaust gas temps).

Spend some time under the hood and look how it's routed in the air intake. Its dirty as hell, and has been the cause of most of my CEL's. I've got to get a full EGR cleaning at 27k miles because it's gummed my turbo up again.
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