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egr actuator

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i recently unplugged egr valve on my 6.7 but got a cel. i was wondering if i take the egr motor off and take the actuator out of the motor and put it back on will i still get the cel if i leave the valve plugged up with actuator out? just thought maybe if i took the actuator out and left plugged up i would still get the better fuel mileage without the cel. any info would be appreciated, thanks.
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so if i remove the actuator and leave the egr plugged in i will still get the cel?
Yes I believe so, since the EGR is not working. I would do a search on un-plugging the EGR and see what you find out. This was one of the first things that people sarted doing on the 6.7L engines and there are a lot of post on here about it.
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