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EFI Live with CSP5 switch issues

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17 2500 6.7. Recently tuned with EFI Live and the CSP5 switch. I downloaded the tune and found there 2 tunes, stock and ?+hp. Emailed back and forth with the shop i ordered the kit from and he put me in touch with EFI Live support. They send me another tune which i believe is 4 stock tunes and no engine brake control. The switch flashes correctly for each position. EFI says they are both supposed to be the same tunes. Does anyone know if I can find any other help to get this corrected?
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This is the problem with EFILive, I had an autocal with the CSP5 and 5 different tunes from the tuner, until EPA got ahold of him, they went out of business and no more support. Do you have a windows based computer, and is yours the Flashscan V8, or I think it is? You can tune them yourself, but I recommend a dyno when you tune to set real world parameters. You might even get lucky that someone can advise you while tuning on a dyno that won't have their name written all over it.
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