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Educate me, please !

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I am not a mechanic so bare w/ me.

What lift do I need to run 35" tires or 37" tires w/o rubbing?? I dont want to make this a pain.

I dont know what back space I need either, but I educated myself enough to know what bs is.

What MPG will I loose if I go 37's over stock.

Thank you for your time and info, we are all new sometime.
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Your factory wheel is 8" wide with a 6.25" backspace. If you stay close to those measurements you can run a 35 no problem. It's when you get into wide rims or extreme backspaces that you will start to have rubbing issues.

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I ran a 6'' superlift with 35s and 18s with 4.5 backspacing I think. I didnt rub at all. MPG were pretty good too.

I would personally do 6'' with 37s. Not 35s.

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Wheel specs is the most important thing to watch when it comes to not rubbing. I'm running 37''s with 3'' of lift and some parts to make it work w/o any rubbing.

Rule of thumb is to stick to a wheel no wider than 9'' and keep the BS between 5'' and 6''. The closer to 6'' the better in my book.

35'' tires look good with 2.5'' to 4'' of lift and 37'' look good on 4.5'' to 6'' of lift.

I've found that I got BETTER MPG with my 37'' tires than my 35'' tires with auto trans and 3.73 gears. Mostly street driving too. Its moslty becasue of tire/wheel weight and rolling resistance.

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Thanks guys I am grateful.

Can I clear 35's on a level?

Will 37's rub with a 4-5" lift??
You can clear 35's stock if your going to stay on road.
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