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edge jwa CTS or quad adrn 4k w/ pv2?

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ive spent countless hours doing research and still cant decide. planned upgrades are a built trans( in the process), then looking at a programmer and 150gph FASS. ive got a buddy who is about to sell me his phatshaft 62 and 150hp Industrial injectors. I hear a lot of pros and cons of both tuners. i just cant make the decision to which one to buy. so any input would really help.
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If you can find a quad 4k box you will be lucky.

juice with hot unlock may be your only option other than expensive redline box.

Edge is allowing us dealers to give 10% off starting Wednesday Nov 27th
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there is a guy selling the 4k with pv2 at the moment. just trying to get a last miute opinion before I buy it or an edge. but thanks for the info on the discount.
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