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Edge Juice without Attitude

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I have a 04 2500 4x4 and found locally a edge juice module that I bought from a guy for 130 bucks. Think I made a good deal as a starter programmer but I need to know how to get ahold of the parts that didn't come with it. I need the 3 position switch that goes in the cab to change power levels and also the pyrometer probe also. Both of these were left in the previous truck. How much will these run and can I get them from edge ?

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You sure you don't have a edge ez? Edge ez has a three position switch. Also if you have to buy parts you might want to buy them now since edge has 10% off.
No it is the juice and it even says in the manual that it comes with a 3 position switch to use without the attitude module

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Huh strange, I'll have to look in my manual and see what it says. I'm not saying your wrong, but I have to agree with the first response, sounds like an EZ to me. Any idea how old a Juice it is?
Hmm. That sounds like an older model one. Have you called the tech guys at Edge to run the numbrrs on it and also see what they can hook you up with on any parts you need? VERY good customer service I may add.
I will have an extra EGT probe after my CTS install that I may sell if you need one? But if you're not using gauges I doubt you'll need it. Good luck!
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