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I just fixed a problem with my Edge Juice with Attitude CTS RACE and wanted to share my resolve because I couldn't find any answers online as I was working on it. My problem was the display would not turn on. It would beep continuously when plugged in but the screen would not come on. I could tell that it was still working as the dash lights would all flash at start up. (I later discovered this will happen as long as the OBD-II plug is connected even if the controller is not plugged in.)

Everything online said to check the fuse but mine was fine. During diagnostics I probed the pin connectors at the controller and only had 1 pin on the larger 16 pin connector show power. I thought I should see power on both connectors but it wasn't so.

Finally I had a chance to work on this when I could call edge during business hours. Unfortunately they told me that because the RACE version has been deemed "illegal" that they aren't able to provide any tech support or offer any suggestions as to the repair.

So to help anyone with the same problem and to save Edge from misspeaking here's how I solved the problem. Go to the website for Edge and download Fusion. Plug the controller into the computer and follow the prompts. Mine is now back up and running.

Maybe everyone else knows this already but I didn't and couldn't find anything online so I thought I'd help out all the other newbies.:thumbup:
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