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edge j/a ???

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i have a edge jucie with attitude and when i try 2 do a power brake the rpms go up for a second than it just flattens out. theres still smoke comin out the exhaust and it just seems that it stops makin power for some reason and this goes for when i have it on any level?? anyboby got any ideas why this is hapening? thanks
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sounds like torque management to me

the BD-Rad box will take care of that :thumbsup
can i adjust that or is that just part of the safety feature in the chip?
an whats a bd-rad box is that like another chip cause i also have a smarty
smarty should also take care of the T/M :thumbsup
i will have 2 try that out lol thanks
def t/m i put he smarty on 5 and the edge on stock an watched those 35's mud grapplers smoke but my trans slips so smarty is out an edge is on waitin on trans mods and when ever i want smoke em the smarty is in the back seat
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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