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Edge Installed New Issue...having bad string luck

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Okay now another issue....Edge is apparently not open until 1:00 pm Utah time for a party today? overhead says service needed ..then switches to see dealer now....after I did an PDI DPF TBE Delete last night and drove six miles home. Truck seems and sounds fine.

I was told however by many to get my Edge on to clear codes and not drive to many miles or it will drop into limp mode and Iw ill be screwed.

Well I got my Edge on today (with some help from many on here already today) checked all connections....and it will not read codes..keeps giving me error message.

I also tried clear codes at set up but it does nothing. The first time I hit clear codes it got stuck and did nothing except say clearing codes for about 10 minutes. The buttons on the Edge were useless only way to rid this screen was to remove the large plug and thus power to the edge unit.

Anyone have any ideas?

Does anyone know for sure that the Edge will clear these overhead messages? The guy at PDI did not think so and he also said the truck would not go into limp mode despite these messages.

I am thinking perhaps the Edge will not work properly as far as clearing codes until I can get the overhead to clear out...right now the overhead will not do naything other then read service now.

Hope you guys can help supposed to be heading out this afternoon.
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Program it to "Clear Codes At Startup"
Are you getting any codes on the Juice?
Are you getting any codes on the Odometer with the 3 key method?
I'd check EDGE's website. There might be a program you can download to UPDATE your EDGE, if it's older and not setup for whatever ECM-flash you have?

I don't have a programmer yet, but I think I'm gonna run the new BD "Ultra-X" programmer with a TS MP-8, DDP 80-HP injectors, an AFE Mega Cannon air intake, BADP 5" Code-Free DPF-delete, and Code-Free EGR-delete (once available). Then later I'm gonna run a I.I. custom-built Turbo!!

It's gonna be sick!!!!!!! I can't wait 'till I get some more money!!

It produces 5-more HP, and the same 250-TQ, as he Edge w/ the "Hot Unlock" code!

And you don't have to pay an extra $100 to get the "Hot Unlock" to get 110-HP/250-TQ!!!!!!

The BD "Ultra-X" produces 115-HP, and 250-TQ!!!! And it's like, HALF THE PRICE of the Edge Juice w/ Att.
Still need some input .....PLEASE ..

Program it to "Clear Codes At Startup"
I did.

Are you getting any codes on the Juice?
No won't read anything.

Are you getting any codes on the
Odometer with the 3 key method?

No but I never could.
We are open now, so you can give me a call 888 360 3343 ext. 187 my name is Jerry. i will do what i can to help you out.
It to me sounds like something isnt connected right. Most all of the issues are related to connections. I think it is still is related to the DPF delete.
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