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Just added this to my truck. Anyone have a reference as to where all the EGT temp probes are actually located? Found a few threads but nothing conclusive. I am assuming EGT1 is right after the turbo and should be a decent number for monitoring turbo cool-down and overall engine load. May add a real egt later but for now want to look at what is available.

Also there is a Turbo compressor inlet temp and a compressor outlet temp. I am assuming these are the intake side off the turbo and really do not provide a lot of useful info.

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All you need is EGT 1 and 3

1 is downstream of the turbo and will let you know when you are good to shut your truck down after a cool down.

3 is the DPF and will keep you up to slate if you are in a regen or not (green light will come on but nice to visually see) and also how your driving is providing/ not providing passive regeneration.

Keep your eye on VGT position, fuel rail pressure, transmission line pressure, gear and tcl, dpf psi difference, engine load and maybe a few others. Just those ones listed are in valuable to me for towing.
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