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Edge insight cts help!!!!

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I'm looking at buying edge insight cts found a new one on amazon same stock number 83830 for 332.00( comments please ) ......I have a 08 3500 deleted dpf an smarty jr set on stock I tow a good bit with horses cows equipment but don't hot rod with my truck ....I've read I need to buy an install a egt probe but is that important/ vital since I don't hot rod ( I will do just may be a few weeks down the road) this product a plug in an ready to go setup if you wait on the egt probe..thanks
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EGT probe is for sure nice to have. If you have the EGR deleted already you can very easily drill and tap the rear block off plate. If you don't have the EGR deleted then you'll have to drill and tap the exhaust manifold. It's nice to have just to see how hot your truck is running, also you can use it to control your right foot for fuel mileage if you want - lower EGTs = less wasted energy but your boost pressure on the Insight can help you with that as well. Even towing you can run your EGTs high so it is nice to monitor :thumbsup:
CTS hands down. I had the CS and it was real nice then upgraded to the CTS and it's even nicer!!! CTS is also bigger and will hold more data points.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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