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edge injectors

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i really want a new set of injector nozzles from edge, i will get them tested, but i want some input on other options i have for injector i heard that edge jammer nozzles split...any feedback would be great, i am looking for around 100hp nozzles
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i love my jammer nozzles. they were cheap and they get the job done. my roomate has ddp 110 and i don't think there is much of a difference in them. i would love to have ddp's but for the price i love my jammers. however if i ever do upgrade i'll probably go with Fbd injectors or coltrain
DDP and mach are the best full injector you can get, in my opinion they are worth the money. But im not starting an argument with that subject again.

As far as nozzles, edge run hot and smoke more that most. I believe BD makes some nozzles, but not sure. But for the money, edge will be fine.
do you tow with your truck??
not least not heavy loads
Fratelli Bosio nozzles are usually affordable when compared to DDP and the quality is very good. Low EGTs, and low smoke. You can't go wrong with the two.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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