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edge hot unlock..good or bad?

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I was thinkin about havin my edge hot it going tn hurt anything? What will it do for my truck? Some people say its not good for the engine..just wana know more about it
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I have it on my Edge. The Smarty is way better, as I am sure you have read, but the Edge on 6 does haul some arse!

The only real danger is if you do decide to do the hot unlock then you HAVE to watch the EGTs. It dumps so much fuel and the stock turbo can not clear it up well enough. If your EGTs stay in check then you shouldn't have a problem at all; I recommend only using it to race. Do not just run around town with it on 6. I know by now you want some more smoke, and the way to do this with the Edge is go in and turn the low fuel points all the way up.

Even still you are running a stock cp3, and stock lift pump. Do not expect wonders untill you do the supporting mods also because the Edge can drain the rail pretty easy.

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yea if your running the hot unlock youll most likely need a built tranny, bigger turbo, upgraded fuel system, and an egt monitor. BTW, are you running those injectors on the CP3? an upgraded fuel system would probably make a nice difference on your truck with those 100hp sticks.
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