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Edge EZ?

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I'm looking at going with an Edge EZ. I run an 03 Ram 2500quad cab 4x4 5.9 HO that is stock besides my 325x60Rx18 Nitto Terra Grappler AT's on aftermarket rims. My truck has around 145,000 miles on it. I'm just looking for some input. I understand this is a pretty rookie question but hey I'm kind or a rookie. This truck is not my daily driver and I don't drive it very hard. I tow a 4000-5000 pound camper maybe ten times a year also. I'm just looking for a little added performance and am able to pick up the EZ for about $100
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I wish i had the answer! I was looking at the edge with attitude and all i heard from people is it trash.. They are all about banks because of the reliablity.. I wish someone would throw some input on the smarty jr ;) let me know what you put on your truck
Yeah I'll let you know. Most of my friends are running the attitude/juice combo but they tow heavier than me and I'm just want simple so I don't hurt my truck considering I'm really not looking to do to much to it
yeh a smarty jr would be perfect for what you want..dont even think about banks, there over priced and under powered.....and the attitude and juice is the same thing, not a combo.
are they running stock tranny and cp3?
Sorry I didn't mean to call them a combo. Will The EZ work for me though?
the ez would work, but it could be not the best for your stock injectors, since its a pressure box....i would definately get the smarty jr, trust me you will love will give you just what your looking for.
How much does a used smarty jr run?
look in the classifieds, probally 300....actually there's a few in there right now.
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