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Edge EGT Probe

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I have 2007.5 6.7, and I have already installed an autometer EGT guage. My question is, is there anyway to use the same probe to feed the Autometer guage as well as the Edge? That would really save me a lot of heartache on installation.

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You might be able to splice the autometer thermo and hook up the edge in paralell but that is a BIG might! I pulled my auto meter thermo out and installed the edge. The pyro and boost gauges are sitting in my spare room right now since the edge does both of those!
I have one thermocouple feeding my pyrometer and my water injection controller.

I ran the thermocouple leads to the back of the pyro, like normal. Then I ran additional thermocouple wire from the back of the pyro to the water injection controller.

The good news is that the pyrometer and the WIC read the same values. I don't know if that value is any different from what the real value is, but it isn't too far off... Probably just enough to melt my engine. :drool:

BUT, for some reason the WIC only gets a meaningful reading if the pyro is turned on.

I've seen thermocouple replicators for sale before, I don't know what exact application they're for. My dad says they're for if you have to run really long stretchs of thermocouple wire, like 600+ feet. But he also says that he's never actually used one before.
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yes you can i did it worked perfect. matter uh fact we both did it at your house
yes you can i did it worked perfect. matter uh fact we both did it at your house

How much do the readings differ between the pyro and edge att.?
um on the low end when the egt's are around 400 there about 30 deg off. and any thing up from there they are both right on... save much time.
yes you can i did it worked perfect. matter uh fact we both did it at your house

Just so everyone else knows what we did:

We unbolted the wire, just after the probe, spliced in some new wires to take to the Edge, and thats it. Very simple .:beer
ya what he said.
got some pics of that? What probe did you tap into?
we used the egt probe from my autometer gauges, to my edge.

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I got ya now. I thought you were tapping into a factory one.
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