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Edge cts and reverse Camera problems!

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Hi all, I've got an edge cts fitted to my 04 and I've fitted a generic reverse camera, the problem I'm having is that it flickers a lot, realised my camera was PAL and not NTSC so bought another NTSC camera, (£15 on eBay) and wired it to an ignition live to give constant power to it which I felt would be a better power supply, and the camera is still flickering! I have had it stay on constant once, can you guys think of anything, it will cost me loads to send my cts back to the supplier in USA.
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I'm guessing you have checked the video input connections? Maybe try another cable?
I've read giving the camera constant power wasn't good for it. Otherwise I'm not too sure since I haven't hooked up a camera to my CTS yet.
My camera works 95% of the time just perfectly but every once in a while it'll flicker or not come on and I'll have to just wiggle/push in the cable at the back of the CTS a little bit and it's good to go. I got a generic camera also (EDGE camera is too much $$) and I think the RCA jack to the back of the CTS is the issue.
Ok guys, bench tested my camera on my tv and it works fine, tried it with cuts and it flickers and when I put my DVD onto the cts it also flickers, but I live in a pal region not NTSC like the USA, I have bought what was supposed to be a NTSC camera but it also flickers, any ideas?
I have had a slight glitch where it shows for a second then disappears returning to the gauges over the years on dying camera's 2 of them. New camera fixed both times.

Current camera is not EDGE, the last two were. This one has flickered a few times. It has only happened since I recently added a bright led reverse light and at night. It seems it's confused by the light sensor to go into light mode or dark mode and the led light color.

Edge has excellent customer service over the phone most times.
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