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edge attitude minus edge

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Can you run the attitude w/o the juice for just a monitor?? Does the attitude give you the same DPF info the insight does??

I really want a monitor and a chip that will give me better milage. I really need to do something quick and a DPF is out of the question becuse in Washoe County the diesels have yearly smog checks and I am sure it won't pass.

On another thought will the smarty if it is ever out do any EGT monitoring?? I am sure I will need a EGT at the least along with it but that still may be the best idea.

Give me some ideas guys

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You can't use the Attitude by itself, it needs the Juice to function. It does tell you when you are in regen.

The smarty does not monitor anything, it is strictly a downloader.
OK, now I am really torn!! I have been reading a ton of great things about the MP8 now too and I just don't know which route to take.

Either the MP8 with an insight monitor or an Edge Juice/ attitude

From what Ican glean the Attitude gives you for the most part the same usable info as the insight with the bennifit of a turbo timer right?? It tells you about regens now??

Is there a difference in fuel economy with either of these? Is one probably going to be better??

Thanks for the info

The MP-8 tends to give people a little better mileage. I think it was 1.8mpg for the Edge and 2mpg for the MP-8 on my truck.
Chris.. If you really want the mileage you will need to loose the DPF... It might not be convienant to put back on every year for the wonderful emissions test but the mileage will make a big differance. I'm ordering my dpf delete next week.. and I will just have to deal with the emissions test every year....
The insight shows a lot more information then the Attitude.

The MSD Dashhawk is identical to the attitude and it is a stand-alone it plugs into your OBD2
OK, I have it ddecided. After the stupid typo in the heading I am suprised anyone even looked at this thread hahaha!!!

I am going with the Juice/attitude and mounting it up with a Blendmount mirror mount. I think the MP8 is a tick better chip but I love the turbo timer function of the edge and it still gives me the info I am looking for. I am waiting on a few vendors here to see if they will give me the great deal on shipping I have seen other places and then I will order it all up.

Thanks guys
The insight shows a lot more information then the Attitude.

Really? What additional info?

I'm not getting a lot of specs for these units from the edge site. I guess because it is software and changes based on the vehicle and the software.

Can someone please confirm a couple of pieces of conflicting info I have received?

I have heard that Insight does have turbo timer and that it does not. Which is correct?

Can the Insight do the valet mode thing to limit speed and rpm when I let someone else in the truck?

In case it matters...this would be the info for a new unit purchased soon from Keven at his best good guy price :hyper: installed in my truck (see sig line). (Read between the lines for request for PM for price.)

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I am not sure what all info you can get but i know you can read the DPF status, EGR percentage, Temps at each EGT probe in the exhaust. Maybe someone who has one will chime in with more info.
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