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Edge/Attitude Help

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I just installed a refurbished edge/attitude that I bought from the classifieds here.

Something is fishy....

1. When I start the truck, the attitude monitor displays its little attitude logo, then says "Dodge 600 1.89P".... this makes me think the attitude itself is for a 600 series cummins instead of our 650 series.

2. There is no option to view, clear or auto clear the DTC's (this is the entire reason I bought it)

3. There is no option to change the timing

4. The part number on the "do not remove" label on the bottom of the monitor reflects the correct part number for the 6.7 & the rest of the install went smooth.

What the heck is going on here? Do I have a very early production run of the 6.7 edge/attitude, or did i get the wrong attitude monitor somehow with the refurbished unit??

Help me out here fellas.... someone go tell me what they're attitude says when the truck is first turned on...... please :CRY:
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sounds like you have the wrong attitude monitor.
whats your attitude monitor say on start up?
nobody knows what they're attitude monitor says on start up? :w:
I will look this morning.
I know mine is a 2nd gen but if it helps my says "edge juice with attitude dodge ver 1.92"
Mine says "ATTITUDE" on startup. :popcorn:
Mine doesn't give a version correct me if i'm wrong doesn't the attitude only display what the juice tells it to could the juice be wrong?
each attitude is matched to the Juice box. You cannot buy the attitude after the fact if i understand correctly. Mine shows the model # when it starts up but i keep forgetting to write it down. its #EAMand some numbers.
Thanks for the replies fellas, I worked it out with edge friday afternoon.

We decided that during the refurbishing process, the attitude monitor got loaded with the wrong software.

The part # is correct, however the software loaded is not.

I had a 6.7 module with a 5.9 attitude, new attitude will be here tuesday.

BTW, edge products customer service is TOP NOTCH. I definately wouldn't mind doing business with them again. :peelout
very good news. :thumbsup
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