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edge and dpf/egr delete

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hey all,

i am new to diesels and am looking for something simple and easy to work with. I am looking to buy and edge juice with attitude (used).

is there anything to look out for?

i also want to do a egr delete with the h&s kit.
and a dpf delete (have no clue what to look for)

will all this work together?

i am looking to get a truck with a little more power. reliable. and as little problems as possible.

any opinions would be great.

btw, i am looking at the edge b/c it will eliminate the need for more guages.

btw, :yourock:
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The Edge was one of the original ways to go. Nice module and the gauges are a plus. You will be able to clear codes with the Edge.

You can do the DPF and EGR deletes. With the Edge you will need a delete pipe that has the bungs for the o2 sensors and sims for the EGT. Make sure you get a kit that includes these.

Best of luck :thumbsup:


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Personally, I'd do it right and eliminate the DPF/EGR coding instead of 'clearing' the CEL.

Go with either the H&S XRT or Smarty

James can hook you up. You'll be happier in the long run...
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