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ECM making me crazy!!

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Well I put the new ECM in and it still won't start. I've run the battery down for the third time trying to figure it out. It's giving me codes 0230 and 1693 with the scanner. I couldn't figure out how to work the multimeter testing the lift pump. Did get one reading of 6 point something. I stopped pursuing it because I can hear the raptor 100 cycling properly as it's been since I installed it in 2011. I'm about to push that thing in the river. Does anyone have any idea what might be the problem. I also bled the fuel lines by cracking the banjo bolt at the vp inlet and have a good size puddle to prove the LP is working. The truck's sat for about 3 weeks before I put the new ECM in. As much as I hate to, I used starter fluid, as it worked with hard starts when the problem arose prior to parking it. Now it doesn't respond to the ether, just turns over after but never catches.
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Wait to start light coming on instantly with the key?

Lift pump is modulated during cranking so it goes OFF - ON - OFF - ON... Continuous while you cranking the engine why the lift pump voltage is down. Analog meter shows it the best.

What's the fuel pressure when you bump the starter?
your getting fuel to the banjo bolt on the vp but are you cracking any lines at the head? These trucks can be hard to prime sometimes but if your not cracking the lines at the head I imagine it would take a long time to prime.
It never took more than about ten minutes after a filter change but I cracked line 1. Left it open and cranked it over a few times and barely trickled. Now it's giving me codes 1689 and 1693.
And I never put a pressure sensor on my fuel. Figured I was safe after getting rid of the factory lift pump
Wait... We've got bits and pieces of a story, not the full picture.

What was going on that caused the new ECM to be installed. What made you think that an ECM would cure your issue?

You say the truck has been primed - has the injection pump, or injector lines/injectors been removed since the last time the vehicle started?

You say ether used to help when it wouldn't start. Under what conditions were a no-start condition present, previously?

Got to have the whole picture to help you, not just a snapshot of the middle.
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You're going to have to loosen more than one injection line in order to bleed the system.
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Are you the guy who rebuilt his motor then couldn't get it to crank after?
So I don't have to retype, and no, I didn't rebuild the engine:
so you replaced your ecm...why did you have to crack any injection lines?
I had to remove filter bowl to get at ECM.
I had to remove filter bowl to get at ECM.
You need to bleed the lines AT THE HEAD. Loosen lines 1,3,5 AT the head. Crank engine until you've got fuel at the lines tighten lines as they get fuel. It'll start then.
It might be in your better intrest to replace the cam sensor and crank sensor to get it started. One of them is probablly bad.
As a test! During cranking does the tach show some rpm????
Yes tach jumps between 1-300 rpm
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