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Does anyone know if downshifts while in tow-haul and EB engaged can be turned off? Mine didn't start doing this until the G-30 recall, and I have quit using tow-haul because of it. When going downgrade, it will downshift one (ok) or two (not ok) gears to get the rpm up for the exhaust brake. That's fine if I really want to slow down that much, but most of the time I just want enough holdback to maintain speed. If I want more EB, I use the manual shift. works great in normal mode, but in tow-haul, just letting off the throttle downshifts two gears, kicks the EB in full, and locks up the trailer brakes on the hydraulic version. not cool.
Also, for those that have had a turbo go out, how much does that affect the exhaust brake?
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