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Anyone over here have a 40 ft shipping container in decent shape they'd rather sell then keep? Need to store my house so i figure i would rather get a shipping container then pay a storage facility, once the new house is built the container will still be useful while a storage facility would just suck down my money while i wait. Let me know if you have one or know someone that would want one gone. I can bring my trailer to you assuming you have a way to load it onto the trailer. thanks

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starting your search online gives you access to a larger inventory than you’d discover with a local container sales company
Loki. Apparently our friend here isn't aware that all the local yards are stacked nine high with empties.
Even so, for some reason Sea Cans 'round here are only available in gold plating.

Good luck with your search. (y) And surely you're not expecting a SRW to manage.
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