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95 ram pickup ,2500. 5.9L cummins.

return line that starts behind fuel filter.

i wanted to replace this line so i searched and asks questions here. what i found was nobody had an easy way to get to this clamp.
some suggested loosening or removing the master cylinder .others said remove the starter, but most said the only way was to hurt yourself.
here is what i just did, 1/4" drive ratchet, 1/4" socket. remove fuel filter.come down from top of engine. feel for nut on clamp.
a light resting against the brake lines at the master cylinder pointing at the clamp helps.
sorry if someone else already figured this out, but i didnt find it.

now, back out into the rain to see what kind of a mess i can make with the other end of the return line.
i know this truck wont let me off this easy.
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