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Early spray angle in late engine

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I know this has been beaten to death and I've been reading for days and I've also contacted a couple others about this via PM. Anyways, I'm pretty much settled on the early pattern for my 04.5 but my question is this, It seems that everyone is worried about the spraying out of the bowl if injection timing is too advanced. I had a thought about this, what if we could put a thinner sealing washer on the bottom, effectively lowering the injector in the head and making it spray closer to the piston, effectively making it lower in the bowl so timing couold be advanced more? Would this work or are there some weird dynamics that I'm not considering? I don't think the timing would be effected because it's being sprayed in at the same time as before, it's just being sprayed a little lower. Are thinner washers even available? Any thoughts?:banghead::confused013:
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If you had a 12 valve head on there you could. But these 24v require a specific height for the high pressure connectors to seal up. Best I can think of would be possibly decking the head to come up with a different nozzle height. Do some nozzles (john deere or deutz maybe) give a different height in relation to the combustion cup?
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