Model:3500 Crew Cab
Mileage:347000 M
Engine:5.9 h.o.
Price from KBB and because of miles and condition I’d rather someone made a fair offer.

email me: [email protected]
Located in Lecanto, Florida
Owner Jon Smith, Cummins enthusiast
Clean title in hand

I unintentionally ended up with two 2004 3500 trucks. This is an early 03/04 with the 305hp H.O. Engine is strong, transmission shifts well. 4.10 gears. It’s a srw 3500 short bed. It’s up to date on a lot of big maintenance. New radiator, clutch fan, motor mounts. I’m surprised but happy to report this thing leaks virtually nothing it isn’t supposed to (AC drain). All the things work, switches, electrical, AC etc. Not as pretty as the non binary they/them trucks next door but they’re asking way too much money for those ones anyway.

Great all around truck for work. Maybe a good one for a performance build? Or whatever you’re into. This truck is all stock and hasn’t been tuned.

I’m a silent member of the forum and I’ve had my hands on these Cummins trucks for the last 15 years. Whatever that means to you but just know I’m particular about my vehicles and I think it’ll make someone a good truck.
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