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Dyno Numbers!

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Finally got to the dyno today at Auto Pro Techs Dyno Day in Clarston WA. Strapped her down and laid 457 HP and 1066 Ft Lbs TQ. This was with the 37's on too. Was hoping for the 500 HP mark but couldn't quite get it. Still very happy with my numbers!:headbang:
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yeah the meth was on as well. Thanks
Thanks guys! Forgot to add that i used the crazy larry tune, MP-8 was at 100%, ran boost juice at 90% injection with two nozzels. Oh yeah and the scarry parts.... 50 psi on stock turbo and EGTs hit 1500*. I think its time for more air!!!
It was run in 5th gear. started at 42 mph and stopped at 75 mph.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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