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dyno events.

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hey guys, got a couple dyno events coming up these next few weeks

1. Oct 18th, Fonda IA.

JBI mobile dyno service will be providing the dyno/operator. 65.00 for 3 pulls. Sign up sheet going around on facebook under Iowa Diesel Crew and Central Iowa Diesel Crew. Inertia dyno - however, he can operate his dyno VERY well and has had trucks make 50 hp MORE on his dyno than the exact same truck/setup on a load cell dyno. Has had multiple 1000hp+ trucks on his dyno and all generally see same boost as what youd see on the street.

2. Nov 8th, Karl Performance, Ankeny IA

I know there is a sign up sheet going around on facebook under same groups as listed above. Not sure how many trucks can run, has list of 10 + alternates. 70.00 for 3 pulls, AWD load cell dyno.
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Soot Sniffer
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Last year at Karls we ran somewhere around 20 trucks. It was a great time except for the weather. I believe lunch will be on site this year as well. Come on out!
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