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dvs and gsk??

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i know there are alot of topics out about these but i wanted to know is good to go with the 4k or should i go with the 5k? also would i need to upgrade my fuel supply if i went with the laser cut dvs. i have a #0 plate a 5inch exhaust star wheel cranked. even with the 5inch do you think shed run hot? i am looking @ a turbo soon:hyper:. thanks
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A 5k will suck on the street and not work very well with less than 500hp

5" exhausts still use a 4" downpipe so there will be no power or EGT difference just the echo from the too big pipe

And laser cuts are poo on the street. Your money would be better spent on injectors or the fuel system. Even an air improvement would net more usable hp than LCs. If you absolutely want bigger dvs, get something with a 181 style seat
What fuels everyones desire for a 5k gsk, laser cuts, 370s, a 5" exhaust and a cranked starwheel, oh and a huge holset turbo out of a junkyard? I'm not seeing how this combination is even remotely decent :confused: Please explain
That wasn't directed at you in an negative way. There just are a lot of questions about them lately and wondering if I missed something :confused:
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