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Duramax wheels will they fit my 02

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i bought a set of wheels off a guy who had them on a duramax i thought they would fit but when i tryed to but them on my hubs were to big what should do re sell them or try to find some adapters for it if them make them any ideas thanks
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Use Google and look up H2 wheels on Dodge Ram. There are several good write-ups on using a router to open the center up so the hub will fit. I did it and it takes about 15 min to do a set of 5.
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May be easier to do it at a shop if the wheel doesn't have a way to guide you.. $100 isn't a bad price at all to have them milled (up to $200 really isn't either). I wouldn't pay for the H2 wheels to be done just because it is so easy. And they don't have to be perfect becaus ethe error would be so close to the center of the rotating mass- ask me how I know...
If the wheels weren't on the truck I'd take a pic of my mess ups. But you'd really have to take off a lot of material in one place to make it so they couldn't be balanced out. I would bet if you collected all of the aluminum that is shaved off it wouldn't be more than 1oz from each wheel. 1oz from the middle wouldn't be (just guessing here) 1/8oz from the outter edge. So you'd have to have a really big screw up to ruin the wheel.
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