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Duramax to Cummins

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Alright guys first to start this off, no hazing and honest opinions right now. Have a 09 LMM duramax. Fully deleted with EFI live, 6" lift and 35's, all that good junk. Lately been contemplating selling it and buying a 12 Laramie 6.7. Now have any of you guys did this and been happy with it? I know the duramax in and out. The 6.7, not so much. Mom has a 08 Megacab Dually EGR delete, smarty junior, 4" exhaust, leveled so its not like I'm completely brain dead on the subject. What is a good starting point for mods and what is needed to get to 500-525 to the wheels?
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I'm no expert but if I had a professional opinion it would be the following. Obviously the first thing you would do is completely delete the truck. Egr and dpf. That's a given. Next I would address the turbo. Again I'm not an expert but I can't imagine the stock vgt supporting 500+ hp. 2nd gen swaps are popular but it also depends on what you would use those 500 horses for. Towing, racing that kinda stuff. After the "air" mods you would address the "fuel" mods to match your goal. From there (more specifically after you delete) you would seek proper tuning and more or less that's about it. Of course supporting upgrades like studs and transmission would be helpful but that's a quick rundown. I can't do all your research but can point you in a good direction, one of many. Hope this helps. Now convert to cummins!
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