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Duramax to Cummins

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Alright guys first to start this off, no hazing and honest opinions right now. Have a 09 LMM duramax. Fully deleted with EFI live, 6" lift and 35's, all that good junk. Lately been contemplating selling it and buying a 12 Laramie 6.7. Now have any of you guys did this and been happy with it? I know the duramax in and out. The 6.7, not so much. Mom has a 08 Megacab Dually EGR delete, smarty junior, 4" exhaust, leveled so its not like I'm completely brain dead on the subject. What is a good starting point for mods and what is needed to get to 500-525 to the wheels?
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a tune, and a turbo will be able to get to that number (with really good custom tuning 500 could be had with the stock turbo, but it is stupid hot and smoky) with an s400 on there 550 is easy to achieve.

I ran a mini maxx with mcc and overdrive with my s480 with no other mods without any issues. I put in studs, springs, and pushrods for piece of mind more than because I needed them (the math put me at 550+whp)
The swap to fit the 467 will come with an intake (depending who you go through for it (I like source automotives kit) it'll either be 5" or 6" piping) it will also delete the egr cooler, so don't waste your money on a delete kit. trans will live for a while at 500 (I know on guy who's been running 550+ through his for a year and a half without it grenading. It's not really happy, and has thrown a few trans codes, but it's still running) lift pump isn't really needed at 500 unless you're after the extra filtration (anarchy has tested to 8 or 900 horsepower with the stock in tank pump) studs are always a good idea. As are traction bars, and the 467 is a nice little charger that'll make good numbers. I know many people that are happy with tunes from anarchy (the guy to get a hold of is tomeygun on here)
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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