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Dually Conversion

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First of all I cannot do the photo thing yet sorry!
I started with my '96 2500 4X4 5-speed but needed more towing stability and bed payload capacity as I will be using this truck for hauling very heavy loads. The motor is fresly rebuilt and has planty of power and a Valair dual disc clutch. but after a blowout caused by too much payload for the tire capacity It is time to make this swap.

I found the dually bed and the OEM wheel spacers from a fellow forum member that came off of a '96 so it should all fit right? Wrong!
The bed bolted right up and wiring plugged in like factory, But the fuel filler and vent tubes do not fit as they are too short and will need to be replaced.

Next, I sourced the the Dana 80 DRW from Craigs List. It was a 4.10 with posi but the gearing will have to be changed to 3.54. but I will do that later.
The axle bolted right up and wiring and everything fit like factory.

For wheels, I had a spare set of duals from my goose neck trailer. The bolt pattern was the same but the inside duals didn't fit and a 1/4" spacer was needed.

The front OEM spacers didn't fit either. The inside flange has .150" interference and I will have to have the spacers machined to fit.

Well next is finding someone with a lathe to machine out the inside flange so I can install the front spacers.
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