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dual stacks off the pf

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i'm getting a set of mbrp stacks on my truck next week once granwest get's them from mbrp,i'm just wondering if anybody has put a set on there new 6.7 off the particulate filtre and how does it sound and have they had any probloms yet with it just wanting to make sure before i fork out 1500$ for the set along with the tbar cover it sure looks good but just wanting too see what you guy's think thanks Dave:$:
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I have found that most MBRP Stainless Steel Stack customers have a little buyers remorse. Not because MBRP is not quality, but because the Stainless Steel never shines deep like chrome.

Secondly, if you are installing any larger stack than 5" the MBRP bedkits (to my knowledge) are made out of 4" tubing and jumping up to the 6"+ is done at the base of the stack.... Kinda looks like lolly pops.

I no MBRP has good Fit and finish, but take some time to look at some installs... There is nothing like Chrome. Grand Rock is the only Chrome I know of that has a warranty on the Chrome Finish.

Just an opinion..... $1500.00 can be cut down to size as well
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