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Dual H1 HID Problems!!

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I know about all the problems when installing HID's in a dodge ram I have read for hours on many fourms and cant find a answer. I have a 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins. I installed aftermarket projector headlights which now require 2 H1 bulbs. So I ordered 2 H1 55w HID kits and a error eliminator plug and play for 9007 Bulbs (1 25w resistor per bulb). I hooked up the lights and the error eliminator cable I cut the female pigtail off the cable and connected it to my ballast with spades (That would be how I adapted from 9007 to 2 H1's). From the spades it goes to the bulbs I have no relay or harness for more power to them only what comes from the factory plug. When the truck is turned on they flicker then turn completely off. But when off they work perfect only if that was the opposite!!! Anyway I still have the lamp out light on and like I said the flicker and turn off even with the resistors. Do I need a relay harness for more power or should they be fine? Any help would be much appreciated Thanks!
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Flicker is caused by the pulsing the computer uses to detect a bulb out. The relay harness will fix that part. Resistors are needed so that the computer thinks the bulb is good. You need both for the HID work correctly.
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