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DRW to SRW conversion

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I know this topic has been covered before, but posts are older. I'm curious if anyone has done this recently and has pics. I couldn't find newer post after 2014. I'm considering full axle/bed swap vs keeping rear axle taking-fenders off and getting wheels to fit ( concernedrear brakes/rotors will be exposed with this route). Any information or posts regarding either way would be greatly appreciated.

2006 3500 DRW longbed silver
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I'm doing H2 wheels with 1.5 spacers up front from a 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 DRW basically to a 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 SRW. Supposedly they line up...with the 1.5 up front, we will see. I want to keep the rear end and axles factory, I already have 35's on the truck, so basically now I'll have two full size spares. It should make rotating the tires easier.

I'm picking up the wheels tomorrow am. Apparently the hummer h2 wheel is a simple router, to bore out the stock hole from 117 to 121.3, about 2 mm all the way around.

I've seen others do this...

If it all works out I'll bore, test fit, send off for black or gold powder coat, and then take it all to tire shop and have it mounted up...

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I'd like to keep the factory 3500 rear end. I'm going for a square setup...with kind of a Baja/trx feel.
Probably baja bedsides and flares and maybe a vented srt-ish hood. 2006 front end facelift????

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Well the wheels are off to the shop to dismount and the router bit has been purchased.

I might have to make a bigger guide plate for my router from some plastic, but we will see.
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Wheels and tire got picked up after dismount.

I was able to test fit the H2 wheels on the truck front and rear after I bored them out with the router.
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Fitment looks ok and there seem to be plenty of options.

Option A:

Use the two inch dually spacer in the back and use the front spacer, which is a little bigger, up front.
Basically just bolt the wheels on.
The measurement from wheel face to wheel face are:

Front 87 3/4 in
Rear 87 5/8 in
I may look into sourcing a 1/8 or 1/4 in spacer for the rears.

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Option B:

Take the front spacers off, and use the dually spacers up front and source the appropriate width rear spacers. Less width total.

I could do the math if I looked into the offset or simply swapped the spacers, measured the front and did some basic subtraction from the rear width.

I'm looking at running Fiberwerx front fenders and rear bedsides 4.5" bulge, 33"-35" tires.
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