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I just finished a quick drw to srw conversion ,I search some for pics and there were only a few so I figured I would add to the mass of info with my pics of what to expect and how easy it is.

this what I started with--->

I bought a set of "take-off"o7 wheels and tires locally,removed the front spacers and bolted the tires on,I am still using the dually rearend.
-when/if you decide to pull the fenders off and do the body work

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I bought a take off bed locally for Under $1000

after A quart and a half of chromobase red and swapping the bed this is what we have
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the rear tires do stick out some but its enough to be noticable,I like it and do not plan on swapping it out for the narrower srw axle.

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Looks good - space out the front tires 1" then no one would ever know!
Looks like a lot of work though!
just curious what made you want to go from a DRW to a SRW?? most guys wana do the opposite
wow where should I start...
1-4 tires to replace instead of 6
2-I can get it in the garage now since its not 8 feet wide anymore
3-Rides like a cadillac now
4-I have a 4k trailer not a 20k one so I do not need the extra weels and tires for loads
5-People down here in Fla are swapping to SRW like crazy since the drw models are cheap and everywhere ,plus I think it looks better and is easier for city driving
-major reason is I just plain wanted to do it:peelout
nice job, i've wanted to do the same with a 12v, but first i have to have the truck!:lol3::lol3:
tell you he truth I miss my 12v and wish I had never gotten rid of it
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tell you he truth I miss my 12v and wish I had never gotten rid of it
exactly why i want one.:thumbsup
that sure is alot of work but looks awesome.. 1 ton srw.. sweet
Wow that's a real nice job, i would also put some spacers for the front tires and then it will look even better..

Also, why the top of the wheel well is notched on the dually bed????
oh my god, thanks alot, ive been looking everywhere for the last few weeks trying to find pics of what the box would look like with the flares taken off.

im gunna start my drw -> srw proboly next week but just leave the flares off untill i can get new box sides.

so the rear axle is accually wider than the srw, everybody said its narrower.

thanks alot!!!
Alot of people get confused because the 14B that has been a chevy dually axle for years was narrower than standard,the dodge aam axle is indeed wider
so have you noticed a seat of the pants get up and go feel? how about fuel economy?
well with the regular tires on it ,it will smokem a whole lot easier and donuts are quick .Haven't checked fuel mileage yet.
What did you do with the dually wheels? I went from single to dually but would like to get the dually axle so i dont have to worry about a spacer. I am just borrowing the dually wheels for now so also looking for someone to trade. My wheels are the aluminum. If you hear of anyone mine is silver Thanks and looks good
if you were closerI would swap you....
Glad to see you aren't pimping the holy bed or the multi-colored truck :thumbsup...looks good!
ill be pimping the holey bed untill i get the holes filled and flairs installed or new box sides put on...
how long did it take ya to unbolt the the fender flares?
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