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drive shaft loops!

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whos got em? lets see some pics just trying to get some ideas...any one runing 1480 u joints on the rear drive shaft?
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no one has em???
All the new models are standard with 1480
as in dodge trucks?
Dodge went to 1410 in the 2500 and up a few years ago and then they went to 1480 now
im buildn some. but hadnt got em finished and in yet
post some pics when your done
I'd like to see some as well. :thumbsup

Are 1480's just a different design? Stronger? Whats an 01 auto have?
yea there just bigger id say an 01 auto would have 1410's witch are still strong
im gona try to get em this week end. As soon as I get it done ill post em up.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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