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Drive Pressure Question

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I am doing some upgrades to the truck soon and am trying to line up my game plan.

I will be deleting the truck, adding an XRT Pro, gauges, adding head studs and an exhaust waste gate. Question is will I need to have a gauge to continuously monitor the drive pressures or do a temporary setup to do the initial adjustments and then forget about it?

Not doing anything crazy as far as build goes and just want a good running dependable tow rig without all the epa crap on the truck.

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Unless you plan on running it ridiculously hard I wouldn't run one period. If your not running ATT I wouldn't run a wastegate either. Just my opinion anyway.

Without ATT in wild/3 I rarely see boost over 30 psi towing max is about 34-35 and that's pushing it hard.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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