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Drive Pressure Question

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I am doing some upgrades to the truck soon and am trying to line up my game plan.

I will be deleting the truck, adding an XRT Pro, gauges, adding head studs and an exhaust waste gate. Question is will I need to have a gauge to continuously monitor the drive pressures or do a temporary setup to do the initial adjustments and then forget about it?

Not doing anything crazy as far as build goes and just want a good running dependable tow rig without all the epa crap on the truck.

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If you want to be sure do this.

Hook up a cheap liquid filled gauge to your pyro port are whatever port thats available and plumb it up to the windshield with copper tubing where you can see it. place your windshield wiper blade on it to keep it still while your driving down the road.

Set tuner on the max tune you will ever run. This is important, as drive pressure will increase with more fuel "aka" bigger tune.

Make a wide open pull. Best readings will be had in 5th and 6th as it will show the most drive pressure due to load.

Now adjust your gate accordingly.

Done deal, take the gauge off and your set.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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