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Drive Line - One piece

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Well after the carier bearing and joints bit the dust, and I found out that the bearing was 200 bucks, dealer only in this area for some reason, plus the price of joints..........I bit the bullet and bought a one piece Alum. fromt he dealer.

600 bucks, but worth every dollar. They had to order it from Portland, but only took one day.

No vibration now, fit great, way lighter, very happy!!

If any one is in Snohomish County and needs one go take to Mike at Rairdon Dodge in Marysville 360 652-2300. Good customer service etc. I introduce him to the CF when I pulled the part number off of it while I was at his parts counter.

He told me that they ahve been warranty'n the joints and carrier forever. He pulled up the service bulletin which talked about the driveline hitting carrier support. I told him that a few bolts and its gone. I believe that he is going to start stalking the driveline.

I am putting a packet together for him with part numbers and photos so he can pass it on to his customers. He is also interested in the SRT-6 badges!

Anyway, I wanted to give him a shout out for bailing me out. I couldn't wait to source one cheaper and he got one the next morning without banging me for frieght.

600 bucks still hurt, but what do you do?

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