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Drive Belt - AC Compressor Bypass

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Hey guys,

Just figured I would post this up in case anybody else runs into the same problem as me. Snapped my drive belt the other day - the AC compressor pulley seized up. Ordered the non-AC belt from local parts store and installed it. Water pump still turns in proper direction with the bypass routing path so truck will not overheat. Only problem is the tensioner pulley is the smooth surface and when using the non AC belt path the ribbed side of the belt lands on the tensioner pulley. As the pulley is not an accessory and it was then the ribbed side of belt on the smooth pulley I did not see it as much of a problem.

Anyways couple hundred miles on the truck so far and the "band aid" fix is holding up fine. Easy and cheap way to get the truck back up and running for anyone who might be in the same boat.

If anyone else has done this would appreciate it if you can chime in and confirm this should work fine until I have the time to replace the compressor..don't want to end up on side of the road again.

Thx guys
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Is this still working? Has anybody else tried this. My A/C pulley is making a terrible racket and with Christmas and the fact that it is 15 degrees out I would like to get the truck back on the road for a few days until I can change out the compressor.

PS. Thanks for any help.
Yes - still working fine for me :thumbsup:

Belts are not a shelf item so you want to call ahead and order one - I believe it is 65" and 8 rib
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