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DrawStraw 1

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Does anybody know anything about this drawstraw? My understanding it goes down into your factory fuel module in the tank so you dont have to drill a hole through your tank.

The only reason why im looking to purchase this straw is the return line and feed line fittings coming up out of the fuel module is rusted and leaking diesel badly. Also its causing my truck to suck air and hard to start at times. I know a lot says fuel sump but if this is going down in the factory fuel module then there shouldn't be any problems i wouldn't think
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The DS1 does insert into the fuel module. (no drilling in the tank) You drill a hole in the top of the fuel module and insert the drawstraw. That's it.
I have a hole cut in my bed so i can get to the fuel fittings easy. (Bed had rust and i have a mig so no worries) Will i need to pull the whole fuel module up out of the tank?
I fallowed this write up when I installed it. Works perfect.
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