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Drain/plug on VE pump?

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Trying to figure out if I’m missing a plug on the bottom of my Bosch VE pump on my pickup. There’s a threaded hole that looks like it possibly should have a plug or something? Threads look clean… trying to figure out if that’s where I have a leak coming from up front.
The hole is slightly back from the timing device and a little closer to the block. After looking at a diagram possibly this isn’t part of the pump even?
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In that area is the AFC vent that will leak fuel when the slide pin "O" ring gets bad, fuel will run down the back side. Also the distribution head "O" ring can leak.

The vent is the black round thing with a tube coming off of it, the line showing the starwheel location is going through it.

So is there any use for that threaded hole that’s circled? is it supposed to have something down the line of a drain plug or anything? Or are u saying that nothing would leak from there and it’s an o ring somewhere leaking
Don't know what it's for but nothing will leak from there, start looking elsewhere for the leak.
That is a blind thread and doesn't have a cap or run into the pump. I'm going to guess that the block off plate on the back side of the IP...directly across from your KSB on the leaking. The two bolts tend to loosen over time and then the fuel can slip past the O-ring. You can try and tighten them up but usually there is not enough room to get a wrench on them back there...even if you do the chance are the O-ring is toast and there is no way to change that without removing the IP.
I forgot about that plate on the back.
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this is what you’re talking about correct?

No it's on the back side of the IP where you can't see.
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