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DPF Delete Question?

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I just recently installed my 4" H&S TBE and Edge Attitude w/ Juice on my 6.7l, and first of all love it. However, I've had it on for two weeks, the first week with the Edge on level 3 seemed to build boost faster, and had much more turbo whistle. I notice little things, and now the whistle is much softer and I'm watching the boost, and it is not kicking in as fast or with as much pressure... Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm definatly not a mechanic, but was able to do these small projects pretty easily and just need some insight....
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I noticed this also. My guess is that the ecm is compensating for the tunner and cutting the boost back.
I just took it for another spin for lunch a couple of hours ago... turned the edge up to 4 and got the noise and boost back.... I think your right.
My Duramax did that too with my Quadzilla stelth tuner. every once and a while I had to bump it up then back down to keep the "tune".
I dont know that it helps or hurts but every night when I get home from work I return all my settings back to stock and restart it that way the next morning, then once im on my way I bump it back up.
I do the same thing. I have no idea if it helps anything though. I just do it lol.
Yeah it also wouldn't hurt to drive it in stock to burn off soot every once in a while. That will help the power come back too!
hey i am a diesel tech at planet dodge, the turbos get full of soot and the vains cant move take it out on the highway for bout an hour and a half.
Yeah it also wouldn't hurt to drive it in stock to burn off soot every once in a while. That will help the power come back too!
Sorry for being ignorant, but why would running it in stock clean the turbo out? Is it going to run at at a higher temp when running at stock or what?? :S
That is one problem with these turbos. They can get sooted up on the sliding nozzle so by turning extra power down you reduce soot and let the turbo nozzle have a chance to break up any soot accumulation. They run hotter turned up, but they also make more soot. That's why engaging the EB is useful because it helps clean up the nozzle even when you're running stock power.
Less fueling means less soot. The lower the setting the less fuel. You just need to work the truck a little and run the Ebrake on occasion to keep things moving free.
So what about if you do the EGR and DPF deletes, do you still have to worry about your turbo getting sooted up? I've got an old 1993 12V 5.9 and I've never had any problems like that.
There have been significantly less turbo issues with trucks not running the EGR, IMO. The problem isnt the turbo so much, its the sliding nozzle in there that your other truck didnt have. This is a new breed turbo.
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