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dome and map lights.

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im wanting to upgrade my dome and map lights to white LED lights. ive searched the forum but cant seem to find anything. what do i need to do to get the lgihts to work properly when the door is opened and closed and when the map lights are clicked ON. where and why do i have to put a resitor?
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i just did this swap not to long ago. You can pick up the leds from where ever you want they are the festoon style bulb. Some led bulbs have resistors that are built in others do not thats why you might need a resistor. The reasoning behind this is that the led's draw less power so all you are doing is tricking the truck making it think stock bulbs are there so they function properly. So heres what i have a 20 led festoon panel in the over head then the maps have 16 led festoons in them and it looks like day light when they are on. is a great site and you can order all you dash/gauge bulbs from there too.(not a salesman just had great service and support from them on several differnt occasions)
Like said above you will know after the install if they still have a slight glow you will need resistors. You can try the method given or do a google search thats how i came up with the resistors i needed from the other dodge sites. To order the bulbs from their you are ordering by bulb type not number if that makes any sense. Go to auto bulbs there you can choose the vehicle and it will pull up what will work with your truck from what i seen just now it looks like 4410x9 is what it is as long as its the long round type bulbs you need to make sure yours are the same because it says it can be either them or push in normal style ones. also the cool white is the color i have which give a slight blue hue to it they have what ever color you want. also some great info if you look under some of the 1500 sections on some forums for differnt ideas of what you want to do lighting and interior wise. sorry for the book.
if needed you can solder the resistor across the bulb or if you look closely and this is how mine are there are little tabs on each connection i just put my resistors through each side of the connection and put the bulb in worked for me although i do plan on soldering them just havent had the time lately.
a small flat head when you look up in the you should see the clip. it should be towards back of the lens when you looking at it just be easy with it they are easy to break.
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