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dome and map lights.

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im wanting to upgrade my dome and map lights to white LED lights. ive searched the forum but cant seem to find anything. what do i need to do to get the lgihts to work properly when the door is opened and closed and when the map lights are clicked ON. where and why do i have to put a resitor?
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You might need resistors. You will be able to tell when you install the bulbs and when you turn them off if you see a slight glow like they are still on your will need to make a trip to Radio shack and get some reistors. If you dont see a slight glow your good to go.

If you end up needing resistor google Led/resistor calculator and plug in the info that way it will help you decide what resistor you need.
When I did my resistors, I just slipped the resistor lead between the bulb and the little bracket that holds the bulb. Or like others said just solder it to the bulb.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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