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dodge Oem radio with sat option

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I just bought an 06 2500 slt with oem sat installed. I however have XM no sirius. I called both and each one said they can only send a sirius signal to the box. I dont want to change subscription( I know they are merging) Can i take the antenna nicely mounted on the truck and plug it into a Xm box ? like XM direct per say? I have to have sat radio but I dont want to split up subscriptions. thanx for your help
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Nope. They use different radio systems.
Sirius now owns XM.
It may take some research on your part. I was able to get a Sirius radio to work on my wife's Honda w/ XM equipped head unit. I'll bet there are adapter units to go the other way as well. 1st place to start would be the XM website.
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